Aromamusic #134
Desert Riddim  – DJ Aroma

Release Date 24/12/2021 –
Genre : Organic House, , Afrohouse, Melodic House & Techno
Artist : DJ Aroma
Info: the heat of the desert, the light of the desert, the scent of the desert,
walking on some hot stones with the sea on the horizon. Drinks in desert bars, eating desert food and glancing at the desert sunset. Listening to relaxed desert riddims on the sofa under the one story hut with hibiscus.

Aromamusic #131
Project Mayhem ( incl. ENNE Remix )

Release Date 09/11/2020 –
Genre : Organic House, Melodic House & Techno
Artists : DJ Aroma, ENNE
Info: Remember the famous “Fight Club” movie? Tyler Durden launches “project mayhem” challenging everything which is believed to be safe. Its what happens in the song: at first glance it develops like a basic techno track but then the machines are launching their project mayhem. ENNE an old friend of aromamusic contributes a more soulful version, focusing on the piano hookline and taming the machine madness.

Project Mayhem – DJ Aroma

Project Mayhem – DJ Aroma (ENNE Remix)

Aromamusic #130
Dancing Doerte ( incl. Fischer & Kleber Remix )

Release Date 06/26/2020 –
Genre : Afro House
Artists : DJ Aroma, Fischer & Kleber
Info: Slowing down a bit for the summer and dancing dirty ! …Remember: “Now is the time of your life and….. Fischer and Kleber take it to the analog world and give it a sunny groove.

Danzing Doerte – DJ Aroma – Fischer & Kleber Remix
Danzing Doerte – DJ Aroma

Aromamusic #129

Agja – A Tiny Raindrop

Release Date 12/27/2019 –
Genre : Minimal, Tech House
Artists : Agja , DJ Aroma
Info: “This is the story of a tiny raindrop, tiny raindrop keeps falling…”

Agja – A Tiny Raindrop
Agja – A Tiny Raindrop (DJ Aroma Remix)

Aromamusic #128

Tom Bass – Boarding Gate

Release Date 12/28/2018 –
Genre : Minimal, Tech House
Artists : Tom Bass , DJ Aroma

Aromamusic #127

Baba Sikander – Fragen über Fragen

Release Date 11/16/2018 –
Genre : Minimal, Tech House
Artists : Baba Sikander , DJ Aroma
Info: Returning from a reflective journey through the land of Dub, Baba Sikander is more certain than ever before that some questions will persist in an endless loop. While the answers are ever-changing..

Baba Sikander – Fragen über Fragen
Baba Sikander – Fragen über Fragen (DJ Aroma Remix)

Aromamusic #126

Helmut Ebritsch – Great Love

Release Date 12/29/2017 –
Genre : Minimal, Tech House
Artists : Helmut Ebritsch , DJ Aroma
Info: From Neukölln to Kreuzberg , can take years , always nice !

Helmut Ebritsch – Great Love
Helmut Ebritsch – Great Love (DJ Aroma Remix)

Aromamusic #125

Smacs & The Sailor – Beyond the Horizon

Release Date 12/15/2017 –
Genre : Minimal, Tech House
Artists : Smacs & The Sailor , DJ Aroma
Info: The beloved crew from austria adds some chilled techno between Vienna and Innsbruck !


Smacs & The Sailor – Beyond the Horizon
Smacs & The Sailor – Beyond the Horizon (DJ Aroma Remix)

Aromamusic #70

Various Artists – LX Sabor, Lisbon Flavours

Release Date 08/15/2011
Genre : Minimal, Tech House, Electronica, Deep House
Artists : Plagia, Paradanca, Nham Nham, Miguel Torga, Miguel Sa, Pedro Goya, Gustavo Rodrigues, John-E, Stereo Addiction, Calapez, Henriq, Zentex, Nuno Correia, Pedro Zoy, Creenwick, Phreek Pete, Buggy Freaks

Info: Flavours and talents of the portuguese capital and a very charming collection of special electronic flavours. Very sweet house sounds, sunny deep grooves, some distinct minimal techno and even ambience in the end. Not to forget the typical southern style of Portuguese Techhouse which is a great mixture between deep house and minimal grooves.
Its quite long ago that this was released and from today`s point of view its a great document from a city which got drowned by gentrification and airbnbism in the recent years. Its a souvenir from a charming underground scene in the most western capital of Europe.

Lisbon Flavours Compilation – Coop with Electronic Artists from Lisbon and with the support of Miguel Sa, Gustavo Rodriguez, Madame Management and many others .