Hello world – we are aromamusic !

Crisis- what Crisis?

We need to talk! We are in a crisis. Not only we as a label, circle of friends and musicians, but also the world is no longer the same as before the pandemic.
We are children of the 90s and have always celebrated the cultivated Schwoof with pleasure. In times of war, health crisis and incomes incomes barely enough to eat and keep warm, we find it increasingly difficult to ignore the madness around us and just carry on as before.

On top of that, while the pandemic is supposedly over, many of us still find it hard to go to a club and get close to other sweaty bodies.
Plus: we’ve learned to enjoy ourselves differently during the pandemic, making lots of music in small circles and exploring new topics.

This is the good news: we will find formats and forms to surprise you with new things. But there will be no more carrying on for us like in pre-pandemic times and that includes the production logic of having to “deliver” all the time – even if you don’t feel like it. We quit this logic of pressure and markets. We’re in the luxurious situation of not having to.

Please bare with us and keep checking back, we’ve made beautiful things and as soon as we feel the world is a better place if we make it accessible, we will.
Meanwhile enjoy our archives, you can enjoy it on our website in the player in.