TECHO IST BUNT ! –  Colourful Techno Music

The aromamusic idea is to collaborate, invite and share sounds, culture and technology with other spheres and artists. Techno is bunt (Techno is colourful) – thats the german claim explaining our sound concept.
Aroma – music oscillates between house and techno, being joyful,organic and colourful. The sound aesthetics are deep and powerful yet preserving space for dynamics. Some tracks are slower, some are more uptempo, most are typical Berlin club floor pieces at a pace between 118 and 122 BPM.

Aromamusic is a Berlin based label influencing the electronic music community in the capital since 1997 curating bookings in places like Ostgut or Ritter Butzke ever since they were beautifully hidden backyard venues. We also provided creative input and bookings to festivals like Fusion and organized parties and gatherings all around the globe from Russia to Morocco, Turkey, Sweden, Israel including a long residency in Portugal. And we have a thinktank called Musicahead where we talk about framework developments in regards to club culture.

Redefining Club Culture
Aromamusic events range from small “get togethers” or medium size parties to bigger, festival like projects or conferences for several days. We provide artist booking and concepts for entire nights. Or we team up with partners and develop ideas, which can be a workshop and/or a meeting plus an event. Or we plan a trip for an entire crew and come with a bigger group of friends, fans, technicians and artists. Its always taylored to the occasion, to the location and the idea of the place and the audience. Its always well planed, cared for and curated since our experience tells us that performance and staging is an art itself. A night out is well planed social sculpture. If one does not notice all the hard work behind a great party our mission was accomplished very well. We are carefully selecting our events since we want to treat all the nights special. We make the dark sparkle and turn nights with us into an experience. Our lineups are never just a bunch of names, we think carefully of the night as an entity, like staging a performance or play. We rethink club culture. And we think of an event as something bigger than just a bar, a DJ and a sound system.

Update: we never imagined that something so strong as Covid19 would ever happen to us. But even in the moment of a pandemic we are already thinking of possibilities to get together and exchange ideas rather than viruses. Streaming is no alternative for us but we are thinking about alternatives which take care of the health rules and still give the opportunity to meet.